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Saboon balade organic |500ML

Olive Soap

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Extra scented , organic , and hand-made liquid soap .

Specialy made for the face , sanitizes the hands, and give an exelent smell for the body .


• Made with 100% natural local ingredients , l’Olivier is a
traditional Lebanese liquid soap made with vegan
composition that are carefully hand-made in the valleys of
Lebanon. The soap is made for the face ( moisturization and
softening ect ) , the body ( refreshing smell ) and the
hands (sanitizes) .
• L’Olivier would be more than glad to cooperate in case of
any modification (packaging, scents, terms etc.) in order to
fulfill the wants&need of the market for the highest
satisfaction of the customer in the area we are dealing with.
Again l’ Olivier is open for communication at any time.
• Also, we would be more than glad to send you a sample
at any time

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Olive Soap